Vacuum fillers PVN two-chamber vacuum fillers


Two-chamber vacuum fillers PVN

Automatic machines for level filling of non-carbonated beverages, spirits, vinegar, oils, syrups and other liquids. The proven filling system allows for cold or hot filling (hotfill).

Fully automated control, reliable mechanical filling system, simple operation and high quality design and workmanship ensure high efficiency of operation of these machines.

0,1 - 2,5 l *
1 000 - 20 000 bph *

* typical values. An individual solution can be prepared after consultation with ALTEC’s technical department.


PVN are machines with a two-chamber filling system for level filling of non-carbonated beverages and other products into glass or PET bottles or cans. Fully automated control and simple operation ensure high efficiency of operation of these machines. The machines are manufactured for outputs of 1000 – 20000 bottles/h. The design and technological processing of individual parts meet the requirements of demanding hygienic standards.


Machine design

distinguishes between machines for bottling beverages into PET bottles and for bottling into glass bottles or cans.

Design for PET bottles: bottles enter the machine either from an air conveyor or on a height-adjustable plate conveyor. During their passage bottles are carried by their neck – the “neck handling” system – and supported in the central part by an exchangeable star or support. The bottles exit the machine on a height-adjustable belt conveyor. The entire machine is protected against possible damage by a system of safety clutches and electronic modules.

Design for glass bottles: bottles enter the machine on a plate conveyo. During their passage bottles are moved by interchangeable stars and lifted under the filling valves by pneumatic jacks. The entire machine is protected against possible damage by a system of safety clutches and electronic modules.



The fillers can operate in “gravity filling” mode or in “two-chamber filling” mode with adjustable vacuum in the filled bottle. The “two-chamber filling” mode facilitates the removal of the foam from the neck space during the filling process, thus increasing the productivity of the machine and achieving a high level of fill level accuracy in the filled bottle. The product, which is sucked into the vacuum tank, is pumped back to the filler or to the process part of the product preparation.


Design and technology of machine execution meets the criteria of demanding hygienic standards for cleaning. Filling system is prepared to be connected to a closed CIP circle. The flushing of the tank and filling valves is ensured by removable CIP cups, through which the cleaning medium is led to the vacuum tank and from there to the CIP return pipe by a pump. The design of the filling valve allows easy and quick disassembly for visual inspection.



For integration into a higher control system used in the customer´s plant, the machine can be equipped with an appropriate level of automation, including remote diagnosis of possible error messages and faults.

Machine execution

Fillers are produced either as individual machines or in a synchronised block with other equipment in following options: filler + capper, rinser + filler + capper (for different types of closures – press-on, plastic screw, ROPP aluminium, twist-off or as a combination of two or more closure types etc.).
Machine can be delivered in HOT-FILL or CLEAN ROOM execution for filling of sensitive products. The scope of delivery can include additional equipment like preparation of sterile air, preparation of rinsing medium for bottles and closures, automatic system for spraying and foaming of external parts of the filling system inside the clean room of the filler.

Individual solution

We deal with special customer requirements on machine design. Please contact our company representatives with your requirements.

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