Caps sorters TZP belt sorting device


Belt sorter and elevator TZP

Device for orientation of different types of caps and their transport to the bottle capper.

Automatic operation, a reliable gravity-based sorting system, simple operation and quality design and workmanship ensure high efficiency of operation of these devices.

screw, press-on and more
up to 23 000 pcs/h *

* typical values. An individual solution can be prepared after consultation with ALTEC’s technical department.


TZP is a high performing and very reliable device designed for the transport and orientation of different types of closures. The machine works automatically. The operator supervises its operation and refills the caps into the hopper of the sorter.


Machine design

is always designed individually for the type of closure.

Functional principle: The caps are carried out of the hopper by a conveyor belt fitted with rungs. During the entry to the vertical part of the conveyor, incorrectly oriented caps fall back into the hopper. In the upper part of the device, the caps are moved from the conveyor by a sweeping rail to the sorter outlet, to which the cap track is connected.


Machine execution

The device is manufactured in the following performance versions:
– TZP 1 – up to 8000 pcs/h
– TZP 2 – above 8000 pcs/h
– TZP S – special version
The sorter can be delivered as a part of the capper or as a stand-alone machine with its own wiring including sensors in the capping path. The outlet of the closures into the cap track can be on the left or right side of the sorter. The machine is always designed for a specific type of closure.

Individual solution

We deal with special customer requirements for machine design such as an orientator with two outlets for orientation of two types of closures on one machine, etc. Please contact our company representatives with your requirements.

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