Linear fillers PLF linear fillers for bottles and jerry cans


Linear fillers for bottles and jerry cans PLF

Automatic linear machines designed for filling of bottles and jerry cans with precise measuring of the filled dose. Non-contact filling with the possibility of filling above, on or below the surface. Fully automated control, high accuracy of filled dose measurement, simple operation and high quality design and workmanship ensure high efficiency of operation of these machines.

0,2 - 10,0 l *
500 - 3 000 bph *

* typical values. An individual solution can be prepared after consultation with ALTEC’s technical department.


PLF are linear filling machines designed for filling of liquid products into bottles and jerry cans with volumes 0,2−10 l. They can be used for filling of foodstuff products like syrups, edible oil, vinegar etc., as well as for filling of cosmetic or chemical products like shampoos, cleaning products, antifreeze mixtures, brake fluids, oils, fertilizers etc.


Machine design

meets demands on high filling accuracy, easy and quick change to a different container size, quick change to a different product, long service life and machine reliability.

Machines are equipped either with inductive or with mass flowmeters according to the character of the filled product. Mass flowmeters are used for liquids with low conductivity, or in cases where the requested parameter is the weight of the product in the bottle.

The descent and ascent of the filling valves is controlled by a servo drive. The speed of the valves movement together with the control of the product flow into the bottles by means of proportional valves allows to optimize the filling process both in terms of performance and in terms of foam reduction according to the character of the product and the shape of the bottle.



After the bottle necks are centred and secured by a pneumatically operated comb in the correct position under the filling valves, the presence of the bottles in position is checked. When the drip tray is pushed back, the filling valves descend to the bottom of the bottles, they are opened and the filling starts. At the same time, the valves begin to ascend towards the bottle necks. When the set dose is filled, each valve is individually closed by a pneumatic cylinder, the valves rise above the bottle necks. The drip tray is pushed forward, the bottles are changed and the cycle is repeated.

Depending on the nature of the substance to be filled, the filling can be either above, below or on the surface; it is set with regard to product properties such as risk of foaming etc.


The filling system itself is prepared to be connected to a closed CIP circle. The flushing of the tank, working cylinders and filling valves is ensured by removable CIP cups, through which the cleaning medium is led to the CIP return pipe. The design of the filling valve allows easy and quick disassembly for visual inspection.



Machine execution allows easy and intuitive control on a colour touchscreen display incl. the possibility to set and store parameters for different products and container sizes.
For integration into a higher control system used in the customer´s plant, the machine can be equipped with an appropriate level of automation, including remote diagnosis of possible error messages and faults.

Machine execution

The fillers are manufactured either as individual machines or can be complemented with other bottling line equipment such as sorting, capping, labelling and packaging of bottles to form a complete set of machines with common control and minimized requirements on operators.

Individual solution

We deal with special customer requirements on machine designs like filling of flammable liquids including acquirement of necessary certificates (ATEX), filling of aggressive liquids, filling into bottles with inclined bottle mouth etc. Please contact our company representatives with your requirements.

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