Conveyors VD, DD, SD bottle and pack conveyors


Bottle and pack conveyors

Automatic systems for transporting primary and secondary packaging in bottling lines. These include bottles and other filled packaging, as well as group packaging of products such as plastic crates, cartons or shrinkpacks.

Different levels of automation, simple operation and high-quality design and workmanship ensure high efficiency in the operation of the conveyors and thus the filling lines.

0,1 - 10,0 l *
1 000 - 20 000 bph *

* typical values. An individual solution can be prepared after consultation with ALTEC’s technical department.

Conv upr

Conveying systems are an integral part of any automatic bottling line. Simple operation combined with various levels of automated control ensure that the bottling lines are highly efficient for the given capacity. Conveyors are manufactured for capacities of 1000 – 20000 bph. The design and technological processing of the individual parts meet the requirements of demanding hygiene standards.



The design of the specific construction solution, i.e. in particular the type of conveyor in a given section, the method of lubrication, the type of chain used, handrails, etc., always takes into account the type of packaging, the layout of the line and the requirements for efficient transport, while at the same time ensuring the protection of the transported packaging against damage (protection of the label, carton, foil, etc.).

Basic types of conveyors

Air conveyors for transporting empty PET bottles from the blowing machine or unscrambler to the filler.

Plate conveyors for transporting filled PET bottles and other types of packaging from glass bottles to cans.

Pack conveyors for transporting shrinkpacks, cartons, crates, etc.

Special – bottle elevator and lowerator, spiral conveyors, conveyors for hotfill lines, conveyors using trays with automatic transfer of bottles to the plate conveyor, etc.



Each project includes a specific layout with positioning of machines connected by conveyors, designed by ALTEC specialists and approved by the end customer. The result is a layout that ensures the highest possible efficiency of the filling line while taking into account the planned investment costs.


Depending on the capacity of the line and the customer’s requirements, the conveyors are supplied with different levels of automation and control system, from a simple start/stop system to a fully automatic control system controlled by a programmable PLC with advanced software.


Execution options

The design of the conveyors is based mainly on the capacity of the line and then on the customer’s requirements for the level of automation. Air conveyors can be supplemented with the possibility of automatic adjustment of the railing for individual types of bottles. Plate conveyors are available in designs ranging from single rows to multi rows, complete with accumulation tables, non-pressure aligning tables complemented by different types of lubrication

Conveyors can be supplied in a covered version for bottling of sensitive products.

Individual solution

We also manufacture special conveyors, such as elevators and lowerators, spiral conveyors, conveyors for hotfill lines, conveyors using trays for bottles transport with automatic transfer of bottles to the plate conveyor, etc. Please contact our company representatives with your requirements.

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